Created in 2002, the "ABE Award" honors during each edition of SINAPE a Brazilian Statistician who has dedicated throughout his career in Brazil to teaching, research and orientation in the field of Statistics and has contributed significantly to the development of statistics in the country.


  • 2018
    Prof. Dr. Júlio Motta Singer

  • 2016
    Prof. Dr. Helio dos Santos Migon

  • 2014
    Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto de Bragança Pereira

  • 2012
    Prof. Dr. Heleno Bolfarine

  • 2010
    Prof. Dr. Djalma Galvão Carneiro Pessoa

  • 2008
    Prof. Dr. Gauss Moutinho Cordeiro

  • 2006
    Prof. Dr. Pedro Alberto Morettin

  • 2002
    Prof. Dr. Clóvis de Araújo Peres